Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is kdbdesigns different from other vestment firms?
  • What is kdbdesigns vestment?
  • What are my choices?
  • Is custom work available?
  • Are hard-to-fit sizes available?
  • How do I order these vestments?

Q: How is kdbdesigns different from other vestment firms?
A: we give you options, lots of them. Whether it is a design you see on the website or one made just for you, every investment is individually made and correctly size for you. You can be involved as much, or as little, as you would like in the process.


Q:  What is a kdbdesigns vestment?
A: All vestments and altar appointments are my original artwork. You can choose a design from the Gallery pages. You can “tweak” a design to fit your style. Or, you can commission a design that is a collaborative effort.

Q:  What are my choices?

  • You can buy a stole or vestment already made from the choices in the Gallery. Availability can be limited, please check my Artfire store.
  • You may choose a design from the gallery pages and tweak it to fit your needs. This may include more/fewer/or specific motifs on a vestment set for Bountiful Harvest or you may have some special fabrics you want to incorporate into vestments in the Sing Praise to God series (a treasured wedding down perhaps).
  • You can have a full vestment set made to coordinate. (For example, the orphrey bands on the chasuble are handmade to coordinate with the stole design.)
  • You can have a full altar set made to match the vestments.

Q:    Is custom work available?
A: We also offer full custom design work. Contact me and we can discuss vestments designs to match your needs. Resulting designs can be anything we dream up together. (This option includes drafting all patterns for the original artwork and your sizing needs.)

Q: Are hard-to-fit sizes available?
A: All kdbdesigns vestments are sized to fit the owner at no extra charge. It is important that you never have to worry about the fit of your vestments when conducting your worship experience.

Q:  How do I order these vestments?

A:  You can order directly from my Artfire store with convenient payment through PayPal.   Or, contact at kdbdesignsllc@hotmail.com


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